New to Netflix: March 2017

A variety of new shows and seasons have recently come out on Netflix.

The “TV slumps”: the feeling of being done watching all of one’s favorite shows, and having nothing to watch.

For those people experiencing the “TV slumps,” there are plenty of popular shows that have recently been added to Netflix.

Some new shows that have become really popular for users include “Santa Clarita Diet” and” The People vs O.J. Simpson.” “Santa Clarita Diet” is about married real estate agents, Sheila and Joel, and their life in Santa Clarita, California. The couple’s lives take a turn for the weird after Sheila transforms into a zombie who feeds on human flesh. This show is a definitely unique.

“I am watching ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ because I like weird shows, plus Timothy Olyphant is smoking hot,” senior Nichole Harris said.

Another show that has returned to Netflix with a new season is “Grey’s Anatomy.” For those who are not aware of what this show is, it involves the main character, Meredith Grey, her life as an intern and later her position as head of surgery. It focuses on her relationship between the other characters of the show and how they are important in her life. It is a great mixture of drama, intensity and hospital setting that in the end, could lead to someone bawling his/her eyes out.

“I’m watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ right now because I like medical shows,” senior Alexandria Gigliotti said.

In the end, there are plenty of new, interesting shows on Netflix that are guaranteed to cure the “TV Slumps.”