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Despite having a number of athletics and activities to participate in, these Sequoits choose to go their own way.

The Leader: Samantha Wanke

For the last four years, junior Samantha Wanke has participated in Venturing Crew 92. The Venturing Crew offers a variety of activities such as canoeing, backpacking and various leadership opportunities.

“I really enjoy camping and being outdoors,” Wanke said. ”Over time, I grew to learn about camping and being outdoors along with leadership and how to teach others.”

The rankings in the program are based on leadership skills. Currently, Wanke is a pathfinder working her way up to a summit. The summit award is the highest award one can achieve in the program.

“The first award is the venturing award and then the discovery award, pathfinder and summit,” Wanke said. “Each one works on strengthening the leadership skills, starting with venturing; it’s warming up to the program and starting you with activities.”

In addition to her participation with the Venturing Crew, Wanke also is the leader of a separate all girls troop in the community.

“I’m the leader of two troops, so it was a struggle balancing the both of them,” Wanke said. “I was always putting school first before scouts.”

Though balancing activities with school is difficult, Wanke still manages to carry a 4.1 grade point average. She is also sure to always help the school and community. Wanke’s story is one to inspire many as she participates in extra curriculars throughout the community and continues to do well in school.

The Athletes: Braeden Wienholtz and Daylia Brock

Two student athletes that do not participate in athletics at Antioch Community High School, are sophomore Braeden Wienholtz and freshman Daylia Brock. The two may not be involved at the high school, but they both deserve an equal amount of recognition. From a young age their sports have achieved great accomplishments. Wienholtz has swam for the Hastings Lake YMCA for 14 seasons, and is currently competing in the 21 and under division. His love for swimming has carried on through high school, and his passion for the sport keeps him going.

“I swim because it gives me a sense of community, and the people I swim with are really kind,” Wienholtz said. “It also just feels really nice when you beat your time or get a new personal record.”

Wienholtz’s  long time commitment and love for swimming has paid off as just last year his relay team placed second in the state against many other teams.

Brock is also a student who focuses on activities outside of school instead of inside. She dances at Shine Bright Dance Studio and started dancing at the age of nine. Starting at this age was difficult for Brock, her skills were under developed while the other dancers at the studio had been more experienced.

“The first time I walked into the studio,  I was a cheerleader just coming to practice technique and I was so bad and everyone was older than me,” Brock said. “Going across the floor when she was saying words I didn’t know was just a really weird experience for me but now, looking back, it was so important, and now I’m super good friends with all of the girls.”

With Brock’s hard work and dedication her team was able to win their national competition this past year. Wienholtz and Brock are two students who are passionate about two different sports, but one thing that they have in common is their dedication that has brought them to a level higher than they ever thought they could achieve.

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