Review of Bristol Oaks Golf Club

Bristol Oaks Golf Course is a good choice for golfers of all levels.


Alex Pritchard

Hole 3 at Bristol Oaks Golf Club with slight overcast and some sun peeking through the clouds.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there has been an increase of golfers because it is the easiest sport to keep social distance. There are many courses near Antioch, including Bristol Oaks Golf Course in Bristol, Wisconsin. This course is known to be one of the nicest courses in the area and can be played on at a reasonable cost. The course is well rounded for all levels of skill whether one is a beginner or an experienced golfer. This course also has a nice golf range which is also very reasonably priced. The scenery at the course is very impressive. The greens, tee boxes and fairways are very well taken care of and the course is surrounded by forest and farm fields. The golf courses website includes how their course is different from other courses. The website says Bristol Oaks truly offers the finest facilities while maintaining the Best Value in the area.


As a frequent golfer at the course Alex Titus shares his personal opinion on the course and explains how the course is excellent for the cost. 


“Bristol Oaks is a nice 18 hole golf course with a range at a low price,” Titus said. “It is a top quality course to go and enjoy time with your friends.” 


Antioch golf team senior Blake Wilson has played many courses around Antioch. He also believes that it is one of the nicest around. 


“Bristol Oaks is one of the nicest public courses around,” Wilson said. “It welcomes golfers of all levels at a great price.” 


Sequoit alumni Cole Niemi often finds himself golfing at the Bristol golf club. He enjoys the secrecy of the course because most do not know how nice it is. It isn’t known to be the most popular. The course is also known to have some difficult holes. Some holes have obstacles like trees and water which make it a little harder on the golfer. There are also sand bunkers around which add a little more difficulty to the course.


“This course is a hidden gem in our area,” Niemi said. “This is somewhere to go golfing no matter what skill level you are.”


The golf course is very well taken care of and is always in great condition. Many golfers enjoy this course and would recommend it to others. Whether one wants to go and hit some golf balls at the range or go and play nine or 18 holes, this is the course to go to.