REVIEW: Transcendence

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REVIEW: Transcendence

Nicholas Dorosan, Tom Tom Staff

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Today, science fiction movies are immediately equated to super heroes and aliens, but “Transcendence” is a science fiction movie that will make you wonder what humans are capable of in the future.

In “Transcendence,” Dr. Will Caster, played by Johnny Depp, is an artificial intelligence researcher, is a part of a team which strives to build a machine that has sentient and collective intelligence, or basically a machine that is smarter than any human. This is known to them as “Transcendence.”

An anti-technology organization trys to stop Will from making a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain. But will the anti-technology organization be able to stop him before it gets too late?

The director, Wally Pfister, is best know for his work with Christopher Nolan in the Batman movies and now “Transcendence.” Pfister also won an academy award for Best Cinematography for “Inception” in 2010. Some other movies that he also worked on include “The Italian Job,” “Inception,” “Moneyball” and “Memento.” With the director filming so many good movies it was surprising to see that the movie quality was as bad as it was.

Something that I personally did not like was that about halfway through the movie Joseph Tagger, played by Morgan Freeman, asks a very important and interesting question, but at the end of the movie the question basically wasn’t true and went against what the whole movie talked about.

Also, so many critics are whaling on Johnny Depp saying he’s only doing this for the money, he’s a better actor than this and blah blah blah. But, honestly, to me I don’t care if you’re not usually in these movies if you play the role well, and in this case he did. I’m sure he’s probably doing it for the money, most actors/actresses are, it’s their job. They get paid to do it, so why complain about it. I’m sure if I was an actor I would take the role too. If the movies good there’s is no need to complain about the actor, and in my opinion it was a good movie.

I think this movie is worth seeing because it shows you what humans are capable of creating and what could happen from our creations being able to begin to create themselves. It’s scary thinking about it, but in the near future it could be possible. If this movie is correct, if this technology gets in the wrong hands, the result may be unchangeable and damning to the human race.


  • Johnny Depp- Dr. Will Caster
  • Morgan Freeman- Joseph Tagger
  • Rebecca Hall- Evelyn Caster
  • Kate Mara- Bree
  • Cillian Murphy- Donald Buchanan
  • Cole Hauser- Colonel Stevens
  • Paul Bettany- Max Waters
  • Clifton Collins, Jr.- Martin
  • Cory Hardict- Joel Edmund