Sequoit Inked: A Tribute to Mom

The mystery meaning behind body art: Chase Becker.


Alessia Rivera

Senior Chase Becker poses to display the tattoo he got in memory of his mother.

Whether a tattoo hides a meaning or explains itself visually, the art on one’s body is usually there for a reason. For some, tattoos may be hobbies or meaningless. For others, tattoos may hold an entire story, or, in senior Chase Becker’s case, a tribute to a loved one.

After losing his mother, Becker decided to honor her by getting a tattoo. Losing someone important may be difficult for someone, especially a young adult. Keeping a reminder or a part of the loved one that is lost is a form of coping for the person going through the loss.

“I love tattoos with meanings,” Becker said. “A picture says a thousand words. A tattoo can speak so many things that words can’t.”

Becker has wanted a tattoo since he was a child, but after going through the tough loss of his mother, he knew he wanted to get one right away in order to have a reminder of her constant presence with him.

“My tattoo symbolizes the memories her and I shared, and that I will always have them,” Becker said. “Also, that she will always be over me.”

Along with multiple other inked Sequoits, Becker’s tattoo is his special way of keeping his mother with him, although she is no longer here. Since Becker believes that all tattoos should have meaning, his has a story behind it that he wishes to keep with him permanently marked on his body.

“I got [my] tattoo for my own sake and not for anyone else,” Becker said.

The meaning of Becker’s tattoo holds a great place in his heart and he will continue to honor his mom for the rest of his life as his tribute to her is on his body forever.