Sequoits Dominate the Rockets

Antioch Community High School shows their dominance over Richmond-Burton


Matthew Soberano

Micheal Espitia looking to cross the ball to Krystian Nikilov

The Sequoits went head-to-head in an IHSA regional match against the Richmond-Burton Rockets. The boys soccer team went into the game showing heart and determination proving that it does not matter if you have the best record in the conference, you still need to be on your game if you want to win. With an overcast and cloudy sky, it was a cold and rainy game for the boys. They got into a groove early since they were playing on their own field. Junior Krystian Nikolov showed dominance by scoring three goals against Richmond-Burton. Senior RJ Vazquez and junior Alex Keeler added to the Sequoits’ lead by each scoring a goal.

“I played well and I got an assist to help out the team,” sophomore Adam Lynn said.

Antioch has now advanced to the second round of the IHSA regional tournament. The boys are hoping to stay on the same path so they can continue to show their dominance. Their next game will take place on Tuesday, October 17. The Sequoits are an underdog in the regionals, but they are proving that they can play against some of the hardest competition around. Antioch is on their final stretch of the season and they are hoping to go out on top.