Sequoits Lose Season Opener to Cougars

    Antioch Community High School girls varsity basketball loses to Vernon Hills


    Jacob Johnson

    Girls huddle up before the game.

    The girls varsity basketball 2017-2018 season has begun. The girls faced off against Vernon Hills in their season opener tournament last night at Vernon Hills. The girls fought hard, but came up short losing the game 48-28. It is a long season, the girls are not going to hang their heads and they will bounce back with full energy looking to get their first win of the season. The girls have a big season coming up, looking to dominate and win the conference, taking that momentum to regionals and sectionals and hoping to go to the state playoffs. Losing this one game will not impact their whole season, it is only the beginning.

    “I think our team played well for the first game of our season,” junior Rachel Phillips said. “We were strong on defense but our offense lacked a little.”

    The girls have some positives to take away from this loss but the season is long and hopefully a promising one. If the girls keep up their solid defense, the wins will come more regularly. Offense will come and go but these girls have a bright and successful season coming their way despite this one loss.