Preparing for the Upcoming Basketball Season

Boys basketball tryouts have arrived.


Dan Filippone looking to pass the ball.

The 2017-2018 basketball season is approaching. Players are training to earn their spot as a starter and some are there to get conditioning in for the other sports they play. Open gyms have started and the players are starting to shake out the rust and get back to playing. Players who go to all the extra practices and workouts have a better chance of impressing the coach; it will help secure a better chance of earning a spot on the roster for this upcoming season. Coming into tryouts without picking up a basketball, besides gym class, is not a good idea. Putting in the extra work will give a player an edge over the other players.

“I have been running on treadmills, lifting, going to open gyms and going to other gyms in the area,” sophomore Ben Ticsay said.

Students who don’t play any other sports have been putting in work on the court as well as in the gym. This allows them to get the most out of themselves, giving them the best opportunity they can to make the team and become a better athlete. Getting into shape and picking up a basketball is the best way one can prepare for the upcoming season.