Girls Cross Country Goes to The Field Of Dreams

The Sequoits, Bulldogs and Rams compete at a three team meet.

Girls cross country getting their stretches in before their race.

Caden Davis

Girls cross country getting their stretches in before their race.

The girls cross country traveled to Field of Dreams in Fox Lake to compete in a three way meet with Grant and Grayslake Central. The weather played a bigger role than normal with a little bit of rain and no sun.

The Sequoits came in with as much confidence as possible despite the size of the other teams, but were trailing throughout the whole race nonetheless. Coming into the final lap of the three mile race, the Sequoits were led by junior Natalie Hill but unfortunately that wasn’t enough; the first Sequoit to cross the finish line finished fourth overall. The cold definitely had a big impact on the performance of the runners and it was harder for the girls to keep their lungs smoothly breathing.

“The cold definitely played a factor, it’s harder to breathe and it doesn’t help on top of it that I’m sick,” Natalie Svarc, third overall for the Sequoits said.

The course was definitely a lot more than what the runners are used to being four laps around a park. The only big factor besides the weather was the hill in the beginning of the race. It takes a lot more leg strength to get up the hill rather than running on flat ground. The Sequoits put up a great fight with the two other teams making it a great race.

The girls next race will be at Detweiler in Peoria, IL on Saturday, September 9th.