Simple Way to Look Both Athletic and Appealing

One article of clothing can add a tremendous amount of variety to an wardrobe.

Jared DeBoer

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Soccer is a sport that requires lot of physical and cognitive ability, but also has many options when it comes to fashion and looking good on the field. Soccer players have a wide variety of impressive gear that can make them look sharp and skillful at the same time.

One article of clothing that has been starting to hit the fashion scene as well as the field are the signature soccer sweatpants. Lots of people wear soccer sweats even if they do not play the sport just because of how good they look, men and women alike gain the benefits of the clothing because they are unisex.

The sweatpants are most recognizable by Adidas, the three stripes that go down the side of the leg are their signature. Other brands have been using the same design to try and seize the same amount of sales, but none of them have the same amount of popularity as Adidas.

“These are my favorite sweatpants I have. I can wear them when I’m tired, when I want to run, when I want to look athletic or whenever I feel like,” junior Ella Roberts said.

Soccer sweatpants are very versatile and can turn any outfit into a comfortable one, without losing any of style.