Snapchat Update

New features are available on the popular app Snapchat.


Clay Vesser

New Snapchat Update

A beloved app with over 100 million users, Snapchat recently released a new and exciting update. Snapchat calls these additions “Lenses”, a collection of unique filters that let users express themselves in a fun, new way.

To access these filters, “just press and hold on your face to activate Lenses,” according to Snapchat. This particular new feature also allows you to play with the Lenses before recording or taking a snap to share with your friends.

In addition to the Lenses, users can also purchase three new Replays for the price of $0.99 rather than having one Replay a day. A Replay enables users to view a Snap more than once, something not possible prior to this change. Also, there is now a “trophy case” where one can unlock certain trophies after Snapping certain things such as using the black and white filter 10 times or recording 50 Snaps using zoom.

If you would like to access the updates, search Snapchat in your applications store.