Snowman Candle Ornament: DIY

These bright snowmen are sure to light up the holidays.

Try to create these cute snowmen ornaments to decorate or share.


  • Small battery powered candles
  • Black permanent marker
  • Black construction paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Red ribbon
  • Pink marker

The Face:

To make this cute creation, use the permanent marker and draw two eyes and a smile around the fake flame nose. Then add rosy cheeks with the pink marker.Jessica Lamberty

The Scarf:

Cut a small piece of ribbon of about six inches and use the glue gun to assemble along the sides of the candle. Let it cool before moving on.

Jessica Lamberty

The Hat:

To finish it off, cut a circle and a small strip out of black paper. Tape the strip to form a cylinder and glue onto the circle. Then, glue the hat onto the top of the snowman and attach the ribbon to form a hanger. Surprise a friend with this cute gift or keep it and display it proudly on a tree.Jessica Lamberty

Junior Kaitlyn Castillo and sophomore Kaitlyn Goldstein both spread the holiday spirit with their own favorite holiday crafts.

“I’d have to say making little snowflakes to hang around is my favorite,” Castillo said. “ It’s fun to make different shapes and to spend time with my siblings.”

Goldstein and her family have an extraordinary holiday craft.

“Every year, I go up to Wisconsin with my family and we go glass blowing and blow our own glass ornaments,” Goldstein said. “We get to decorate and paint them however we like.”

She also tells why glass blowing is so much fun for her.

“I really like this because it gives me a chance to spend time with my family and I like thinking to myself, ‘I made this,’” Goldstein said. “I really enjoy spending time with my family and making and decorating my own glass ornaments.”

Just like Castillo and Goldstein said, there are tons of holiday crafts to try, so give the snowman ornament a try. For more original ornament ideas, explore