Solving the World’s Problems with Model United Nations

Students at Antioch Community High School collaborate on a local scale on world issues.


Model United Nations strives to accommodate the schedules of all students, and only expect them to show up if they can. “We want you to come,” teacher Meghan McDonnell said. “You guys have lives and we’re just happy that you’re part of our club.”

Model United Nations is a club where students learn about many problems in the world and attend conferences in order to debate the solutions. Model UN is a nationwide club that has members in other countries who participate. The club is partially ran by social studies teacher Meghan McDonnell. McDonnell considers the club a great place to have fun as well as learn about world issues.

“You are assigned a country and a specific role,” McDonnell said. “You have to research whatever your topic is, and then you get to go and debate.”

Students are encouraged to make friends with other people during conferences, and with others in the club. The conferences that members attend can last several days. The club meets every Tuesday in room 219. Model UN is actively looking for new members and welcomes students regardless of their after school schedules.