Ted Cruz Does Not Rule Out Re-entering Presidential Race

Former Republican candidate for president hints at reopening campaign.

While many voters believed that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was finally out of the presidential race, Cruz said he would be open to re-entering the race.

Cruz had claimed the reason he launched his campaign was his intention to win, so with his loss in Indiana, he suspended his campaign due to dismal odds. However, Cruz recently implied he does not consider it a final end.

“If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly,” Cruz said to Fox News.

Cruz wrote to Republican party chairs representing states that had given him delegates, informing them that he intends to hold on for now.

Following this, Cruz also declined to endorse presumptive nominee Donald Trump and did not say whether his own supporters should do so either. Though Cruz might not be ready to leave the race totally, his hold on 564 delegates to oppose Trump’s 1,068 hints that he is still vying for the nomination.