THE BOOK OF TOM TOM: What Are You Afraid Of?

A collection of unique fears that you may not have known.

THE BOOK OF TOM TOM: What Are You Afraid Of?

Have you ever had a fear? Something that worries you or makes you uncomfortable whenever you see it? There are plenty of abnormal or funny fears, but here are a few real fears that people have.

The fear of butterflies. Hard to imagine that someone could look at a butterfly and be scared, but this does happen to some people. One of my friends literally goes out of her way to avoid butterflies. If she sees one she will walk in the opposite direction.

The fear of automatic doors. Yes, this is a legitimate fear. I personally have this fear, and it isn’t the fact that they scare me, it’s the fact that they might not open. Whenever I walk through automatic doors I either make someone go in first or make sure the doors open by sticking out my leg or arm. I’d take push doors over these any day.

The fear of being enclosed in a garage. Another fear that seems quite ridiculous, but is an actual fear. People are actually scared of exhaust from cars kicking on and possibly killing them. Also just the idea of being enclosed in a garage is creepy.

The fear of earbuds. This fear is actually common for people. People are terrified of the earbuds either getting stuck in their ears, or somehow shocking them. My little sister actually has this fear, and she makes sure they look right before she considers using them.

The fear of flowers. Some people actually get anxiety by looking at or picking flowers. Although these people understand that flowers will not harm them, simply looking at them still gives them fear.

So if you ever find yourself having a strange fear, and think you might be weird for having it, know that there are plenty of people out there with fears just as abnormal as yours.