The gear matters

Wrestlers use certain shoes, headgear, and accessories that they believe give them the upper hand in a match.


James Sheehan

Wrestlers use certain shoes, headgear, and accessories that they believe give them the upper hand in a match.

Wrestling is one of the most physical high school sports that is offered to students. It is one of the most satisfying sports to succeed in and the most heartbreaking to lose in. Unlike football or basketball, wrestling is a solo sport and the wins and losses that wrestlers have, are on them. The equipment that these wrestlers use can give them the upper hand that they need to win matches. Whether it makes them lighter on their feet or keeps them from scuffing up their knees, the equipment can contribute to the performance of the individual. 

Freshman Gavin Hanrahan has wrestled for the majority of his life and is more than dedicated to the sport. Hanrahan has earned a spot on varsity this year and looks forward to what he can accomplish as a wrestler in his next three years. He wrestles in the smallest weight division that is offered to wrestlers (106). His shoes need to be light in order for him to move quickly since he is the smallest wrestler.                                                                                                                                 

“In my opinion, my favorite shoes are the Nike Inflict 3 because they are very light shoes and make my feet quicker,” Hanrahan said. 

Sophomore Tanner Jurinek is a rookie in the wrestling world. Jurinek has earned a spot on varsity and shows promise for his next two years of wrestling. He is an aggressive wrestler that tries to push the tempo of the match. He gets many scrapes and bruises in his matches. His knee pads help prevent severe injuries leading to a quicker recovery. 

“I wear a knee pad on my right knee so the impact is less harmful and I don’t get mat-burn on my main shooting leg,” Jurinek said.

Junior Seth Gomez is in his third year at Antioch and has wrestled for many years. Gomez has shown his hard-working mentality and earned himself a varsity spot. He looks to make a big impact this year and his senior year. Gomez isn’t about all the flash, he likes to feel good and trust his equipment. He is all about the product and not how he looks on the road to get there.

“I do not wear any additional accessories when wrestling as my style of wrestling doesn’t have a need for a knee pad or leg-sleeve,” Gomez said.