Tuned in with Reef Records

Reef Records offers a wide selection of items and a great atmosphere for customers.


Kourtni Weldon

Junior Lily Ocampo purchased her Grateful Dead album from Reef Records. Her favorite songs on the album include Mama Tried and The Other One.

Reef Records is a record store in Antioch, Illinois, that has been open since July 1, 2017. Although they focus on selling records they also sell CBD oil, backpacks, stickers and tapestries.

Reef Records is an independently owned business. The business tries to get their store advertised as much as they can. Reef Records mostly advertises online, at concert venues and at restaurants such as KC’s Cabin in Spring Grove, Illinois. Reef Records also has one store location located on Main Street.

One downside of being an independent store is that they cannot participate in all the activities that other record stores have the opportunity to be involved in. For example, Reef Records cannot take part in Record Store Day which is held on one Saturday every April. It celebrates the culture of record stores and brings fans, artists, and owners together. 

Store manager Katelynn Selman has been with the business since the beginning of the store opening in 2017. Selman has gained a lot of knowledge on what music is popular within the community of Antioch. 

“Our best selling record is Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon,” Selman said. “We also sell a lot of David Bowie and Grateful Dead.”

Reef Records sells a diversity of music varying from all kinds of genres and time periods. 

“I really enjoy being able to go into Reef Records and not be judged for what music I am picking out, because they have so many different kinds of records,” junior Lily Ocampo said. “Their selection ranges from pop music, to music from  the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.”

Reef Records is different than any other store in Antioch. Overall, Reef Records has a wide selection of music to choose from and they have many five star ratings from customers.