Varsity Softball Falls to Warren

The Sequoits lost to Warren 17-7 last Friday night in six innings.

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Rilee Schreiner

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October 3, 2019
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September 20, 2019
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Varsity Softball Falls to Warren

On Friday night, the varsity softball team gained their second loss of the season to the eighth team in the state, Warren.

Antioch fought hard against the Blue Devils, but too many mistakes on the field led Warren to take advantage of the bases.

“I really thought we had the game in the fifth,” freshman right fielder Gabrielle Debevec said. “It was tied and I felt like we could win, but their first home run made us let go of hope and we started playing down.”

The Sequoits starting pitcher, junior, Jerianne Bonaguidi, is out for a week, forcing the Sequoits to go to their other pitchers, sophomore Rilee Schreiner and junior Ashley Hoerning. Although their defense didn’t back them up, there were timely hits by seniors Piper Foote. Megan Lawrence, Avery Malicki and Megan Lawrence.

“With [Rilee’s] style of pitching, it’s supposed to be a lot of ground balls, and that’s what happened,” coach Anthony Rocco said. “We just didn’t field them. We got to make those outs because it eliminates [Warren’s] looks. They started adjusting well to her. You’ve got to give them credit.”

The girls ended up losing 17-7, bringing their record to 18-1-2. The team has a seven game week ahead of them and they are looking to get to 20 wins by the end of the week.

“It was a tough loss,” sophomore center fielder Ashlyn Sundell said. “We lost by a lot, but sometimes a good team needs a loss only to comeback and see what they are capable of.”