What your irrational fear says about you

An irrational fear is a phobia that is not always logical; it could be looked at as a subconscious dread. Depending on your irrational fear, ones personality can be seen through their phobia.


Emma Wagner

Fears can vary from person to person, but not all of which are justified.

Helianthophobia- fear of sunflowers. This one is a strange fear, like, really? It is a plant. Though they are tall, and granted it is an irrational fear, it still makes zero sense, and if you are scared of sunflowers, you are an overall wimp, probably scared of all nature.

Trypophobia- fear of small holes. This is also a peculiar fear as strawberries are the only thing one would constantly see small holes in. Having this fear means you were a big Ethan Dolan fan and probably got the fear from him.

Speaking of holes, a fear of belly buttons is also a completely different type of weird fear and does not have a specific name. This one I cannot even begin to explain; what makes them so scary? Unless we’re talking about outie belly buttons, those are probably the only scary thing about them. If one is scared of belly buttons, I do not even know what to say. Odds are they must be afraid of everything if you find belly buttons scary.

Galeophobia- fear of sharks. This fear is actually pretty valid, all besides the fact that we live nowhere near an ocean. Physical education teacher Hilary O’Donnell has this fear.

“I don’t go in large quantities of water [because I am] terrified,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell is also very educated on sharks because of this fear. She even planned a trip to Mexico over the summer and did not once step into the water. People with a fear of sharks are brave people who are not normally afraid of the small things that most other people are scared of.

Thalassophobia- fear of large bodies of water. Now, this fear makes sense as there is a large part of the ocean that we know nothing about. People who are scared of the ocean are fun and energetic and people want them around. Now, a fear of the beach is a different story because it is the beach, and while there is water close to it, there is nothing there to be scared of.

Nyctophobia- fear of the dark. Being scared of the dark is very common and honestly makes complete sense. There are so many unknown things in the dark that you cannot see. People who are scared of the dark are cool people who get along with everyone; they also have very bright personalities and make everyone around them happy.