Woman’s Fitbit Tells Her She’s Pregnant

Husband and wife find surprise in unusual Fitbit readings.

On Tuesday Feb. 9, married couple David and Ivonne Trinidad discovered the results from Ivonne’s Fitbit showed them that she is pregnant. Ivonne’s Fitbit started reading her high heart rate levels over the last few days and reported the big news.

At first, they believed there might have been something wrong with the sensor, which led the couple do research the device on Reddit. After reading many helpful responses, they said they were surprised by one user’s comment, which asked if Ivonne was experiencing any stress or happened to be pregnant.

This drew Trinidads’ attention, due to their efforts to start a family. After they read the comment, they immediately went and purchased 10 pregnancy tests to find out for sure. All 10 came back positive. Their doctor soon confirmed the pregnancy.