A decade of fall fashion

Over the last 10 years, fall fashion made a full circle.

Junior Ryan Scott is wearing this year’s fall fashion trend.

Fall is known for having some of the best fashion trends, and just like history, fashion has a tendency to repeat itself. A lot of the styles seen now are similar to styles that were popular in the ‘80s, ‘90s and early 2000s. Over the last decade, some items have made a reappearance. 


For many years, people have loved to have shoes as a statement piece. Knee-high boots were very popular. Many people wore these with their skinny jeans and long, flowy cardigans. Similar styles are even popular today.


Infinity scarves were popular for many years. While these stayed in the past, they were a simple accessory people used to spice up practically every outfit. Many of these scarves had colorful designs and were used as statement pieces. 


Mid-length skirts swept the fashion industry. This trend in particular was unique because, typically, skirts were more of a spring or summer trend. Since these skirts hit right at the knee, many people wore them with boots or even tights.


Off-the-shoulder tops were very popular. From knitted sweaters to cut-up t-shirts to blouses, these tops were seen everywhere. This trend is one that left and made a reappearance many times over the last 10 years; however, in 2015, it seemed to have reached many different clothing stores. From Kohls to Justice, manufacturers everywhere were producing off-the-shoulder tops.


Over the years many women of all ages spent large amounts of money on UGG boots. This furry footwear was especially popular. Junior Emma Kolloff gave her opinion on which fashion item should make a comeback. 

“I would bring back UGG boots because they are honestly really comfortable,” Kolloff said.


Leather pants had their time to shine; however, many people did not particularly like them. Sophomore Faith Franke’s mom, Dawn Blackwood, claims she wore leather pants because they were trendy and that was the only reason. Needless to say, leather pants were not society’s favorite article of clothing. 


Chunky sneakers took over the shoe game. They are another fashion item that made a comeback from the past. Most commonly, Fila had a sneaker that many social media influencers wore. Statement shoes have always been popular in the fashion industry; however, chunky sneakers were definitely one of the unique options.

“Chunky sneakers used to be a thing when I was in high school, like 2000 or like 1999,” Blackwood said.


Oversized denim is timeless. It was prominent in the ‘90s and it has even begun to make an appearance now.


This season was practically a flashback to the ‘90s. Plaid skirts with oversized hoodies were a staple outfit choice. This look became so common it had become its own aesthetic. 

Now with fall of 2021 right around the corner, it is unknown what looks will be seen. It is possible that more ‘90s looks may make a comeback.