Uproar of Uggs

Uggs are becoming popular again, just in time for winter.


Hannah Gaydovchik

Ultra Mini Uggs in chestnut brown.

The recent uproar of Ugg boots and slippers has caught the attention of many people. Some would argue they have been out of style and “ugly” for the past few years. Since the new wave of uggs has hit, many students at Antioch Community High School love the warmth of the boots and slippers.

The popularity of Uggs causes many admired styles by those wearing them. The most enjoyed styles at the moment are the Classic Ultra Mini, Tasman slipper, Neumel boot and the Cluggette slipper. The most popular colors are those that are neutral: chestnut, gray and black.

ACHS alumna Hadde Luebke is an Ugg fanatic. She owns multiple styles, but her current favorite is the fuzzy Cluggette slippers that have been trending for some time now. Luebke loves them because they are easy to throw on, wearing them everywhere she goes. She rates them an 11/10, as they are perfect for any time, especially in the winter.

“They are warm, and I can just slip them on; there are no laces or anything, so they are easy to wear,” Luebke said. “They also go with a ton of outfits.”

Senior Chase Clark has been wearing ugg boots since seventh grade. He remembers seeing the Neumel boots on Travis Scott, a world-famous rapper and producer, which sparked an interest in the shoe for him.

“I saw [Travis Scott] with navy blue Uggs with white laces, so I knew I had to get a pair right when I saw them,” Clark said.

Clark also explains how even though Uggs have always been in style in his eyes, social media is definitely part of the reason they are gaining popularity again.

“Just depending on what you wear, you know, anything could be in style,” Clark said.

Senior Aiden Lennon also owns the same Ugg style as Clark. Lennon views Uggs as being durable, but with some flaws. He believes that they are made for winter weather; however, when it comes to the snow, the suede material the boots are made of cannot handle the weather.

“If you are going to go out in the cold snow and get them wet, you are going to end up with stains on them,” Lennon said.

Lennon, Clark and Luebke all think they are worth the price, though they are on the pricier side. They all agree the shoes are well put together and perfect for winter, besides the snow staining the suede. Uggs come in many different styles, which means there is an option for everyone. No matter what style one gets, they will always give off a warm, comfortable and stylish look.