Possible perfect season for Chicago Bulls

The NBA season has begun, and the Chicago Bulls are one of the hottest teams in basketball with a perfect record through four games.


Sydney Parker

The Chicago Bull start off their season with a record of 4-0.

With the 2021-2022 NBA season now underway, the Chicago Bulls have begun the season as one of the hottest teams in the league, starting off 4-0. With the off-season additions of point guard Lonzo Ball, small forward Demar DeRozan, point guard Alex Caruso and center Tony Bradley, the Chicago Bulls are looking like a legitimate playoff contender this year.

The Bulls ended the previous season with a record of 31-41. Bulls fans are now optimistic about the Bulls’ playoff chances after seeing their hot start.

“I believe the Bulls will make it very far in the playoffs,” junior Anthony Sacchetti said. “I [also] believe they will make it to the NBA finals and win it all.”

Zach Lavine, a shooting guard for the Bulls, is currently having an MVP-like start, averaging 25.5 points per game, shooting exactly 50% from the field and scoring over 30 points in two of their four games so far. 

“The Bulls can keep the win streak going by playing as a team, no drama or individual plays,” sophomore Jamie Healy said.

Outsourcing their opponents 430-390, the Bulls are looking like a prime playoff team. The signing of new head coach Billy Donovan in 2020 is now looking like a great move, as he has led the team to a league-best 4-0. Junior Tommy Weber has confidence in their new head coach. 

“Billy Donovan has been doing great so far, and I can trust he can handle coaching all the new great additions,” Weber said.

As they currently lead the Eastern Conference, the Chicago Bulls hope to keep their streak alive and have a successful rest of the season to come–possibly taking it all the way to the finals–giving the city of Chicago its first championship win in over 20 years.