Advocating for a Change

Get on board to help end teen depression.

Sofia Klem

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Teens in high school aren’t seeking help for their depression symptoms because they are afraid to. A Tom Tom survey shows that majority of the students reported they had signs of depression. More than half of those students believed they wouldn’t be open to finding help. Although high schools, including ACHS, have staff members and counselors open to talking to students, students still aren’t open to finding help. Some people believe that this isn’t a big deal; we don’t need to do anything cause other people are already dealing with it and there are more pressing issues at hand. In reality, it is a big deal because it affects many teens across the world. People are already trying to solve the problem, but why not advocate for a making a change for those teens. Others will think that the recent fights that have happened is a more important issue, but students feeling so alone is a pretty big deal that we should all try solving.

The problem needs attention because students have a significant chance of their depression getting worse and possibly becoming suicidal. Some argue the fact that this is high school and there should be no reason teens are truly depressed—there are bigger problems not involving teens. Depression is an abnormal activity of neural circuits that people do not have the ability to control, so teens just can’t get over it. Students with depression or anyone considering committing suicide is a serious issue that should be known by everybody so a difference can be made and awareness can be raised. Yes, we are aware other issues exist in school, but this one has lasted for too long and should have more of an effort to solve it because we care about the students and their wellbeing.

Our plan to advocate for a change in the way we know how is through writing. This news story will hopefully encourage students to find help for their depression or if their friend needs help they can be the one to bring them to an adult to seek the right care. There are many stories, articles and videos that already preach about ending depression. The counselors have also tried achieving a change, but any source of encouragement to these depressed students helps, too. Also, this story and information pertains to our school showing the students the unfortunate results of the depression survey. Hopefully, the students will see the results and also want to make a change. This story should be an eye-opening factor to students and make them want to advocate for a change that will end depression.

To implement a change, the students and friends of students with depression should be aware of the information and results of not finding help. We aren’t the only ones who should be responsible for making this change. Everyone in this building should be responsible for everyone else’s mental health and try making everyone feel safe and happy. It should be authority figures and people who have the problem themselves is what one might say. We believe everyone should help raise awareness for this situation because it occurs all over the world. If everyone, in and out of our school, put in an effort to help the teens in need, depression and suicide in teens could be changed dramatically.