Antioch Takes a Win Against Evanston

The field hockey team took a big win in their game against Evanston on Monday.


Jacob Johnson

Junior Karina Steitz fights to move the ball down the field to help her team score.

On Tuesday, October 16 the ACHS field hockey team took a big win against Evanston Township. The Sequoits played aggressively and worked well as a team to take the win against their opponent.

The Sequoits scored multiple times throughout the game with the first half of the game ending with the Sequoits ahead 3-0. The Sequoits passed the ball down the field aggressively with their defense making sure that Evanston didn’t make it through.

The girls dominated the field with their amazing teamwork goal after goal and play after play with Evanston struggling to hold back the Sequoits’ offense. However the girls struggled to play to their full potential.

“The varsity team did great overall in the game beating Evanston 6-0,” field hockey coach Terry Dewing said. “We didn’t play to our full potential though, the team struggled with keeping their sticks down while passing and receiving the ball.”

Towards the end of the game the Sequoits were able to score another three goals and kept pushing in the last few minutes of the second half.

Antioch was able to push Evanston back and make sure that the offense could keep scoring while the defense continued to block every shot that Evanston attempted to shoot.

In the end, the Sequoits were able to pull off another win, this one ending with a score of 6-0. Evanston tried but were unable to shoot a goal due to the Sequoits’ strong defense.

Watch the Sequoits in their final sectional game at Antioch Community High School on October 18.