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Athlete Profile: Trevor Niznik

Valerie Rosek

Trevor Niznik has been a big part of the volleyball team since he started to play on the varsity team. He started playing volleyball when he was in the sixth grade. He has learned a lot while playing and is looking forward to his senior season. Niznik will be on the varsity team again this year. Even though he is already on the varsity team, he still tries to get better. Often, one joins a sport just because friends are joining, and then they end up loving it. Niznik knew friends that were joining and didn’t have a winter sport to play, so he decided to join and loved it. A sport can teach someone many things about themselves and teach them specific skills they may otherwise not have learned. Volleyball is a sport that can teach someone a lot about being precise and can improve their hand-eye coordination.

“Volleyball has taught me a lot about decision making. Being a setter requires split-second changes and overall has made me stronger mentally,” Niznik said. “I learned how to be precise and how to push myself to touch every ball perfectly. If anything is off by just half an inch, then you can lose a point or worse, the game.”

Niznik is a hard worker and gives it his all when playing. He has been noticed as a team leader and someone that the younger players can watch and learn from. This season, the volleyball team is trying to be one of the better teams in the conference, and Niznik is one of the players that will help them achieve this. Niznik is a teammate who helps the younger players transition into high school sports and helps them adapt to playing against teams with more skill.

“Trevor was already noticed as a leader last year, and this year he will be noticed the same and I think he just has to continue the same way as last year,” junior Ethan Losinger said. “Trevor is a good teammate because he is helpful, gives 100% effort, and he cares about his team.”

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This season, there will be a lot of younger players on the team. Niznik is looking forward to being able to play with the younger players and is happy to help them out. The volleyball team has many young players, which makes it difficult for the older players because they don’t have a good connection with the younger players just yet.

“I’m looking forward to competing as underdogs because we’re pulling up a lot of younger talent,” Niznik said.

Even though Niznik is a fantastic player and has been a tremendous help to the team, he does not plan on playing in college. Niznik wants to keep on playing volleyball but be more focused on school and his future. Niznik has already decided what he wants to do in college but doesn’t know exactly where he wants to go.

“I intend on going to either University of Illinois or Purdue with a tech school of Washington University to study biomedical engineering,” Niznik said.

Niznik still wants to keep volleyball in his life, and he wants to play it in college. Since he isn’t playing for a school’s team, he plans on playing on the intramural or club team that the university offers. Being able to play on an intramural or club team depends on which college Niznik decides to go to. It depends on where he goes because not all universities have intramural or club sports.

“I plan on playing intramurals or maybe even club depending on where I go, but I would not play to represent the school,” Niznik said.

Playing a club or intramural sport in college can be a lot of fun; students get to have fun playing the sport they love, but with less pressure than on the university’s main team.

Niznik’s teammates love having him on the team. Not only is he a leader, but he is also someone that likes to have a good time and shows the underclassman that they don’t have to take it super seriously. Niznik has been helping the underclassman learn more about the sport and has helped them get better.

“He is taking time talking to the underclassman about what they can improve on,” senior Lukas Gutke said. “He puts us all in a good mood by cracking jokes during hard times.”

Niznik has had a significant impact on the team. He is always helping teammates to get better and is always cheering them on. Niznik has a lot of good energy that he brings with him, and if he weren’t there, then that good energy wouldn’t be with the team.

“He will always have your back and gives us motivation during practices or games,” Gutke said. “Trevor is one of those people that if he weren’t there, the energy would be different.”

Niznik has been able to play a big role on the volleyball team. He is one of the teammates that someone wishes to have a person like him on their team. Niznik always brings a lot of good energy to practices and games. It is very important to have good energy at practices and games, and it always helps a team when there is someone that can bring that good energy.

Since Niznik has been on the team since his freshman year, he will be a leader; he is also one of the players that younger players can look up to. Niznik plays a big role in the team and plans to have his best season on the volleyball team. He looks forward to competing in games and getting better at the sport he fell in love with.

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