Back To The Future

A trip down memory lane.

Gianna Chiappetta

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Sierra Ward

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Judging By the Cover
February 15, 2019
Kayla Grenke

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Growing up, most kids cannot wait for the years to go by fast enough for them to be adults. As for adults, some tend to reminisce about their childhood days, wishing they were able to relive a part of their past. For Fine Arts Department Chair Michael Hickey, he took some time remembering his childhood.

Since Hickey was a little boy, he has always been involved. Whether it be playing sports or other activities, he was always keeping busy. Hickey grew up with the luxury of having support from his family; they were always there for him attending everything he was a part of especially baseball and basketball.

When Hickey turned five his parents enrolled him in t-ball. Even before then, Hickey was always found watching baseball and attending games. It was the first thing he ever worked hard towards and had the charisma to achieve greatness.

“I was in third grade when I hit three home runs in one game,” Hickey said. “It felt good being able to do something cool that I’ve worked hard towards.”

It is never a bad idea to daydream about the past and reflect on one’s life. It can bring back beautiful memories of what once was, bringing a joyful smile to one’s face.