Boys Volleyball Recap

Here’s what has been happening with the boys volleyball season this year.


Karley Rogalski

Senior Ryan Glassman attempts to spike the volleyball at practice.

 The boys volleyball season has been an eventful one. Luckily, not many games have been cancelled due to the weather unlike other spring sports, having played 19 games in 21 days. Senior star players Kristian Jimenez and Cole Krizanovic have contributed great things throughout the season.

“We got off to a lightning hot start but we are in a little bit of a slump as the wear and tear of the season begins to take its toll,” junior Joey Whittall said. “However, we are looking to regroup and have a strong week.”

The record for the boys so far is 7-11 out of conference. The season will conclude at home on May 14 against Lake Forest but come support the boys at their next game against Grayslake North High School at home at 6:00 p.m.