Coming Soon: Field House Arrives 2021


Courtesy of CHSD117 Rendering

This design, provided by the District 117 Board, depicts the vision that the district has for the field house. The impressive field house will cost around $22 million, according to the Daily Herald. “It will probably be one of the top 2nd or 3rd field houses in the state of Illinois,” Athletic Director Steven Schoenfelder said.

For the past two years, Community High School District 117 has been talking about building a field house for sports practices and PE classes. The field house would also be used for indoor track practice and other sports. The field house may also be used for little things like standardized testing.

“The field house would be used for many events that go on at the high schools,” principal Eric Hamilton said. “Our school has very limited space so the main use would be for track because right now they are running through the halls, which is not safe, and they need a place to train.”

The groundbreaking day for the field house should be early next spring.”

— Steven Schoenfelder

The District 117 School Board decided on the field house’s design and should have all the construction plans set in stone by December of this year. The schools have put a lot of time into the planning process and are determined to have the field house ready by the spring of 2021.

“Tech and upper administration put a lot of time into this and our artists have been a great help,” Athletic Director Steven Schoenfelder said. “The groundbreaking day for the field house should be early next spring.”

Although currently relatively unknown to students, the field house is expected to impact the community greatly.

“I believe we would practice there using the indoor track,” senior Maya Schon said. “I also think it will have a positive impact on the track team because we now have somewhere to run and practice.”

Not only will the field house be used for track and PE classes, it will also have a great impact on the community.