Rachel Beckman, News Editor

For most, this election cycle got people stuck between a rock and a hard place. With a difficult decision on both sides, it was a year of digging deeper and focusing on the ideas that are most important to each of us.

On one hand, we were given a liberal candidate who ran on one of the most progressive platforms in Democratic history. Including taxpayer funding for abortion, loose immigration laws and stricter gun laws, Hillary Clinton gained support from her prominent, liberal audience. However, criticism came after her staff mocked the religious right as “severely backwards” and her family faced a tainted past of affairs, sexual assaults and impeachment. She was investigated by the FBI for months over an immense email scandal and her decisions during the 2012 Benghazi affair led to the deaths of many including the U.S. Ambassador.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump, a businessman who ran on a conservative platform that shared strong views for looser gun laws, pro-life, stricter immigration laws and large tax-cuts. His campaign came with ups and downs as well, which gained him popularity in the press that was almost always deemed as negative. After “saying it like it is” in the speeches of his rallies and debates, Trump shared lewd comments about certain races and ethnicities, and confirmed an immoral attitude towards women.

We, as American citizens, were caught in a tough decision that asked us to define what was important for the American life and our future generations. Despite the challenge that faced various Americans after backlashing debates and scandalous information framed the news, there are specific reasons as to why President-elect Trump won the support of so many, and a calling to all of us in reaction to this news.

When Trump ran for president, he was strong willed in his economical thoughts, revealing a powerful leader who could possibly defeat the projected Democratic winner. Because he showed imminent views on gun control, abortion and immigration, he appealed to those who felt strongly on those issues, and who feared a future with another Democratic president in which progressive bills would be passed and court cases judged by a liberal judge.

In a country that has been flipping back and forth between a Democratic and Republican President for the last few decades, this election was a chance for conservatives to voice their opinion. And for many, Trump appealed to them. To the common businessmen, farmers, tradesmen and middle-wage job workers. To those who lived in rural areas and those who held onto Christian values. He vowed to fight in gaining back this country and the morals in which it was founded on.

Therefore, there is a challenge for all of America as the country undergoes history in the coming months.

The future is full of change. A change that could have been in the liberal or conservative direction. In this case, it is a change that can cut down the debt that weighs down our country. A change that can end ISIS’s influence on the world. A change that stands up for many American’s passionate voice on saving lives. A change that ensures safety for our citizens and a change that can be a learning aspect for the future. President-elect Trump may not be an experienced politician, debater or speaker, but he communicates a future of progress for America.

The country casted her vote using that same system that has been consistently  used since the birth of this nation, and she elected Trump as her next leader. There is a reason behind his winning of the election, and one that we all need to take notice of while reacting to the historic change. It is time for us to be open minded with respect to the thoughts of others around the nation, the future President and the changes being made in the forthcoming years and how they affect the country we all call home.