Dancing Through the Decades

Dancing has always been part of society and continues to appear in recreational situations, yet the evolution of dance is always changing. Through the decades, new dance moves are created to fit with ever-changing music.

Dancing has been a great way to express feelings or thoughts. This trend started nearly a century ago with some popular dance moves and others that are not as well known.

1900- From the turn of the century to to the 1930s, Jazz became popular in clubs and social gatherings for entertainment.

1930- Through the later years of the decade and into the 1950s, there was a significant shift in popular interest. Dance moves from formal gatherings of the past became more recreational and music diversity began to branch out.

1960- The 1960s brought dance moves such as the mashed potato along with feel-good rock and roll, one of the most popular music eras of all time. Rock and roll slowly evolved into many versions of disco music and dancing as well as dance moves like the jerk.

1980- The 1980s was known as an era of technological advancements and the moves followed suit. Dancing showed up in films more than it had ever before. Moves such as the “lawnmower” and the “running-man” came into effect.

2010- Pop culture began to evolve as music such as rap and hip-hop became more popular. The popularity of the internet is responsible for the growth of this culture. New moves such as the “Harlem Shake” and the “Dougie” have paved the way for dances later in the decade such as the “Whip” and “Dab”.

“I definitely think that we have come a long way from the 1970s ‘Sprinkler’ to the present-day ‘Dab’,” junior Nathan Ward said.