High School Organization Tips

Great and simple organizational tips to keep the average high school life orderly.

There can be days when high schoolers feel like their whole world is collapsing around them, and they just can’t find a way to stay organized. To help with this high school crisis, here are some helpful tips to keep school life organized.

One helpful way to stay organized is to have multiple folders or binders for each class.

“I use folders, and I have one for each core class,” senior Rachel Rickert said.

Some think that having only one folder ensures that everything stays in one place, and therefore they don’t have to worry about misplacing things. While that might work for some, it can cause others to lose track of homework and handouts from different classes, making it impossible to find in the future.

“I use binders, and I have three for each class that needs them,” senior Karla Toman said.

Another organizational method to use is having a specific bag or pouch to hold pens and pencils. This a prevents people from losing their writing utensils in their backpack, and keeps them from spending work time trying to find them. Not to mention, it keeps people from having to continuously having to borrow pencils from one another.

“I usually have a folder and binder for each class, and I have a pencil pouch to hold my pens and pencils,” senior Emily Bronswick said.

One final tip that is guaranteed to help people stay organized is to make sure their locker stays clean and in order. If there are books and loose papers from previous units scattered all over, then it makes it harder to find the necessary pages when it comes to study for a test or final.

In the end, these organizational tips are sure to make high school life a little less chaotic.