Hot or Flop: ’30’ by Adele

Adele’s fourth studio album released on Nov 19 and all we can say is “it’s about divorce babes”


The Rolling Stone shows what Columbia Records’ produced ‘Adele 30’ will look like on vinyl. This album is a huge addition to her discography.

Adele’s last album was released over five years ago, but on Friday, Nov. 19, she released her newest album titled “30”. The album focuses on her divorce and her struggles with parenthood and raising her son. Her lead single on this album titled “Easy On Me,” captured the attention of millions of people, and it had record-breaking success, shattering Spotify’s record for the most-streamed song in a single day with a total of 24 million streams on the day of its release.

Another notable song on this album is “My Little Love,” which is a sentimental song to her son on how she is trying her best as a mother and figuring out how to be a good parent. This song includes audio bits of her talking to her son, along with her talking about becoming a mother. 

This album has multiple songs lasting over five minutes. While most of Adele’s previous albums have featured slower, more mellow-tempo songs, this one features more upbeat music. But one thing that has remained constant with her work overtime is her lyrics; they always tell a sad story. With this album being about divorce, there were bound to be some heart-wrenching songs about how love is a pointless game. 

The song “Love Is A Game” is the perfect example of how people’s expectations of love days are often too high. Adele perfectly states how love can be seen as a game that only a few fall for, and that love can be a cruel and self-inflicting pain.

Another song is “I Drink Wine,” which talks about never being satisfied; she also talks about how she tried to be somebody else. A theme in the song that many may relate to is obsessing about things that are not known and worrying about what others think. 

Many people consider this album to be a success. It has taken the world by storm, and once again has proven that Adele has yet to make a song that has failed to hit the hearts of people all over the world.