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Hot or Flop: ‘MONTERO’ by Lil Nas X

With a number of albums coming out this month, Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO” was one of them. While the promotion of this album was unlike anything seen in a while, did it actually do its job, or was the album a flop?
MONTERO album art
The cover art for this album was nothing abnormal for Lil Nas X, as it is extremely vibrant and out of the ordinary.

With this album, there is a mix of upbeat, rap-type songs, followed by a quick switch to slower songs with deeper meanings behind the lyrics. One of these songs is “SUN GOES DOWN.” The song dives deeper into Lil Nas X’s insecurities growing up as a gay black male. The lyrics imply that he was already out to his family and high school when he was younger, but deciding to come out to the media was a whole new struggle. While that song is darker, it is balanced out by happier songs. One such example is INDUSTRY BABY,” featuring Jack Harlow.

Nas does a very good job at mixing different styles of music into the same song, either by changing the tempo or changing the wording. For example, the song “DEAD RIGHT NOW” goes from a rap-esque beat to a slower tempo when talking about heavier topics. 

On this album, there are many different features. Popstar Doja Cat is featured on “SCOOP;” however, it is one of the weaker songs on the album, as their voices–despite being amazing–do not mix well. 

The song “DOLLA SIGN SLIME” is a rap song that features Megan Thee Stallion. Even though she only has a 32-second cameo, she sure makes sure to pack a punch. Since she is not listed as a feature on this song, it comes as a large surprise to listeners. Unlike Doja Cat, the pair’s voices blend nicely together; A contributing factor is that they kept the same tempo for Megan’s feature rather than switching it as was done with Doja’s.  

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One thing that Lil Nas X has always done exceptionally well is the promotion for his albums and songs. A lot of the promotion around this album was based on the concept that he treated the album as though it were his baby. He appeared to have a prosthetic pregnancy belly for a number of weeks leading up to the “birth” of the “baby,” “MONTERO”.

Additionally, he maintains a dedicated fanbase through his social media. For example, he has a large following on TikTok, where he posts funny videos with his songs playing in the background. 

“MONTERO” was just one of many albums from popular singers to come out within the month. Others include “Donda” by Kanye West and “Certified Lover Boy” by Drake. When comparing “MONTERO” to “Certified Lover Boy,” which has almost every song charting on the Billboard Top 100, “MONTERO” would be considered a flop. But in terms of everything else such as lyrics and features, this album is surely not a flop, even though it may not have done as well as other albums this month. 

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