ONLINE EXCLUSIVES: Working Hard or Hardly Working

Sometimes those who seem to have everything, don’t learn anything in the end.


Sofia Klem

In society, some are left in the shadows based on what they have, not who they are.

When I think of the accomplishments I have worked for, I like to think that I put my heart into them. I like knowing that the test I just aced was worth the studying and the game winning goal was worth the extra hour after practice. The extra effort and time pays off in the end, which has been the way I’ve lived most of my life. Accomplishments don’t come easy to me, in fact, they never have; I’ve always had to put in more work in order to get the result I want out of it. Though, some people are born with the natural talents and superior status that has helped them obtain everything that has come their way. I have learned how to mentally overcome this situation and not compare myself to others.

I believe that being put on a pedestal is very common in today’s society because we are taught to recognize those above us. Everyone believes that even though they didn’t put in as much effort towards something as someone else, it is still worth the recognition. What those people don’t realize is that even though certain skills come easy to some naturally, it doesn’t always stay that way. Senior Grace Rachek explains her perspective on how those natural talents can only take one so far until it is not enough anymore.

“It is frustrating because I’m sure a lot of people would like to be naturally amazing at everything and not have to work as hard for anything,” Rachek said. “I believe it will eventually catch up to someone in the long run. So I always keep that in the back of my mind.”

The aspects that one gains naturally in life is often sought after, and tend to grab people’s attention causing them to be one that is put on a pedestal. Junior Jerriane Bonaguidi explains her thoughts of how individuals use this recognition to their advantage.

“Some people think that they are above everyone else since they are naturally gifted with an advantage or ability,” Bonaguidi said. “I see them mistreat others because of it, but it doesn’t make them a better person, if anything, it makes them worse.”

There is this misconception that those who have everything are ultimately better than those who don’t have as much. In reality though, they only seem better or are better if one allows themselves to become absorbed in that belief.

The people who seem to be handed opportunities or authority in our world today do not learn any life lesson. The message behind having to work for what one wants to accomplish I believe is very important. Unfortunately, for those who are more privileged, never had to learn this life lesson and it eventually catches up to them. For those who experienced an uphill battle throughout their life in what they wanted to accomplish  ultimately persevere and make it out on top because they learned it early on in life what it takes to succeed and be the superior individual.