Sequoit to Sequoit: Game Time or Training Time

The winter season is long and our Sequoits choose to use it in different ways.

Michael Kawell

Winter sucks, especially in Illinois, so why not find something to keep you busy during those cold and bitter months of the year? For example,  compete on a winter sport  team such as basketball, wrestling, cheer and dance, all of which have multiple levels that you can join. For some, just being a part of a team is the best thing about sports, so just because you haven’t played that sport in a while, or maybe never at all, don’t let that stop you from getting involved. Don’t knock something until you try it because who knows, you may discover a new passion.

All athletes love to compete and that is the main reason for us joining sports, so even if one doesn’t play a winter sport, maybe that should change just so you can keep that competitive edge all year long. Another pro of  the winter sport season is it allows you to stay in shape and remain active in those cold months where going out for a jog doesn’t sound too appealing or running on the treadmill is already old.

I enjoy the winter sport season because it’s one of the few times of the year where there are minimal outside distractions that come with the other seasons, like nice weather and a break from school. Being social, staying fit and keeping your competitive edge if you’re a multiple sport athlete are positive reasons to join a winter sport if you’re not already in one. So look into sports that you may want to join next winter and get ready to represent the cardinal and gray.

Alex Ruano

Winter is a wonderland full of intensely competitive sports. With a few different adrenaline-rushing opportunities, athletes strive for their winter seasons. I, on the other hand, take a different stance.

As a Varsity soccer player, my high school season starts in the fall and ends before winter is in reach. However, while my friends and teammates lace up their hightops or strap on their head gear, I am content with a break from the constant competition as I prep during my offseason. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good match up. I am naturally competitive and I do partake in playing indoor soccer and kick the ball around every chance I get. But, I choose not to participate in basketball or wrestling in the winter season.

In my opinion, being suffocated in a gym in not my ideal playing location. Basketball is a great sport that I support very much and love to watch and play, but I would much rather spend my time outside with fresh air and playing on the pavement. While basketball is very enjoyable to me, I decide to focus my time on offseason lifting and training.

For me, wrestling is a unique sport that requires much strength and dedication. However, when I tried it my freshman year, I decided the sport did not bring me much excitement. I understand that fellow student athletes who look forward to their winter season may have different beliefs. Although I would rather use my time training and playing on indoor teams, wrestling is a great way to stay physically fit during the offseason. Instead of wrestling to stay fit, I stay active by training several times a week and playing in tournament games. Pick-up games with friends are also another great way I stay competitive and fit for the winter.

It is important to understand that every athlete is different and unique in their own way. That’s what makes us athletes so great. We choose what sports to partake in to fit our own personal preference. As high schoolers, we have the opportunity to try new things and open our minds to a world of different experiences. Being part of a sports team is an amazing experience to meet new people and create strong lifelong bonds. I choose to take a different path that is still followed by many other students. Hard work during the offseason shows later when it matters most.