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Sequoits stay in shape

As the fall season ended and the winter season began, fall athletes have not stopped staying in shape.
Sydney Parker
Junior Tj Schuyler lifts after school to prepare for the upcoming baseball season.

After the end of a sports season, staying in shape is beneficial and helps multi-sport athletes. Taking a break and not exercising will not benefit athletes, as it will make it harder for them to get back into shape. According to Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, off-season training helps athletes become better conditioned for intense practices and the games they will play in. Staying in shape can help prevent injuries for athletes.

Athletes often stay in shape to see success and improvements. Junior Alex Bueno goes to the weight deck after school almost every day. 

“I do some lifting after school and I practice my techniques,” Bueno said. “I practice footwork and agility drills to get myself faster and make sure I stay on my toes.”

Staying in shape and practicing skills will help athletes secure a starting spot in a sport. It also shows dedication, which is very important if athletes want to keep playing.

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Staying in shape also shows athletes are not lazy and are motivated to be better. Junior Anthony Ascension also stays after school to lift and goes to the gym with his brother on the weekends.

“[I’m staying in shape] because I don’t want to be lazy and it gets me prepared for the future and especially the football season,” Ascension said.

Having a weight deck in school helps athletes train all year long and gets athletes ready for the fall, winter and spring seasons. Antioch Community High school has dedicated and motivated athletes who want to get better during the off-season.

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About the Contributor
Sydney Parker, Sports Writing Editor
Sydney Parker is a senior and this is her fourth year on staff. In her free time, Parker is either spending time with her friends or shopping. Parker plays travel softball, but is also on the school’s golf team and track and field team.
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