The Other Side of Relationships

Making relationships work in high school is the key to a healthy relationship.


A lot of people say that some people are just meant to be together; they are always happy to be around each other and nothing can separate them. Little do they know that relationships take time and effort to make sure that they continue to be happy with each other for as long as possible.

Senior Landon Norkus who has been with his girlfriend for quite a few months now, understands that relationships take work and dedication to continuously maintain a healthy relationship.

“You have to show them that you care about them,” Norkus said.

Dating in high school can seem pointless when a person is not really sure where their future is headed. Most people have a hard time understanding how hard it is to maintain a romantic relationship and keep up with the daily challenges of being a teenager.

It is important to find a balance between the stresses of everyday life and the commitment of a relationship. When things get rough, it can be easy to forget what is important: the love that is shared between two people. Even though most people are unsure of whether or not high school relationships will last, if enough effort is put into them then they can become great memories in the future or even last past high school.

Being in a relationship is a full time job, which is why it is important, especially as a high schooler, to make sure that both people involved are ready to dedicate themselves to the relationship in order to avoid early heartbreak or sadness in the process.