The Right Nail Shapes For You

Different ways to shape your nails before picking a color or design.


With all the different colors and designs to mix and match, there are also many ways to shape your nails to get the right look. There are many different shapes to choose from. There are styles that can match perfectly with your clothes or personality.

If you are looking for something elegant, yet sharp, there is the “stiletto” shape, which is round to a sharp point at the top. If you want something less pointy, than a great choice is the “ballerina” which has the length of the stiletto, but is filed flat at the top. For a more casual look try a square style, or file the nail to a shape, like a square or oval.  If you like the square style, but also like the roundness towards the top, then a great option would be to go with the square-oval or the “squoval”, which combines the two shapes together.

“If I were to pick a shape I would pick a rounded shape, but I do like how the square looks,” said junior Bailey Yturralde.

“I prefer a more rounded look when shaping my nails,” said senior Jenna Bork

There are many shapes to choose from, and all of them can really make nail art very creative.