Tom Brady Wins his Seventh Super Bowl

This years super bowl was one for the ages, both teams had great seasons and were able to show their talents on the biggest stage in football.


Reagan Brewer

Throughout all the battles taken due to COVID-19, one could say it is a great end to the NFL season.

On Sunday, Feb. 7, 2020, Super Bowl LV was played in Tampa Bay, Fla. The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Buccaneers. This was the first time in super bowl history that a team played in their home stadium for the big game. The Buccaneers ended up winning with a score of 31 to nine. Many fans were expecting the game to be much closer and the Chiefs to play much better, but Tampa Bay took over the game quickly.


“I think the game went the way it did because the Chiefs offensive line was being lazy and the Chiefs receivers did not come to play,” sophomore Ethan Frasch said. “In my opinion, Patrick Mahomes played his heart out.”


Chiefs quarterback Mahomes was desperately trying to save his team, but with the offensive line not blocking well, he did not get many good chances to do so. On the other hand, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had no problems and helped bring Tampa Bay their second super bowl victory in franchise history. Many fans were skeptical about how the Buccaneers were going to do with Brady, but in the end, Brady helped them to get to this point. 


“I do not think they would have won the super bowl without Tom Brady,” junior Dean Wilson said. “He helped bring Rob Gronkowski out of retirement and had an influence on Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette signing with them.”  


Without Brady and his ability to influence other players, the Buccaneers may have not gotten to this point. This was Brady’s seventh super bowl win and could be his last. Brady has not said anything about retiring, or about staying, so nobody knows what will happen. Although many people do not like Brady, fans are happy for him and his success. 


“I think it was pretty cool seeing Tom Brady win his seventh super bowl ring, but in my eyes his career should be over at this point,” junior Jacob Moisa said. “I wouldn’t be shocked if he decided to come back for one more season.” 


Many fans do not know what will happen with 43 year old Brady, but fans believe that Mahomes will be working hard this offseason. Many believe that the Kansas City Chiefs are a great team, especially with Mahomes, and fans think they will definitely be back in the Super Bowl soon.