Varsity Dances into Competition Season

The Sequoit Dancers are eager and excited for competition season to go underway.


The end of the football season brings on a whole new level of preparation and excitement to the Antioch Community High School Dance team as they prepare for their upcoming competition season. With this year’s season starting Monday, October 26, the dancers are practicing daily as they prepare for their first competition November 22 at Mundelein High School.

As the season is underway with a new dance, coach and team, the dancers are striving to be able to move onto state this year with their lyrical routine. Though many on the team are sad because of the end of the Friday night football games, they are struck with excitement and anticipation for their first competition next month.

“I always feel sad that the fun of football games is over, but I’m also excited to be more serious about dancing and preparing for the fun and intensity of the competitions,” junior dancer Morgan Balleza said.

The competition season for the dancers lasts for several months, after officially starting in November and coming to a close near the end of February. Their many hours of practice will show the dedication of the team and their persistence towards excellence in their competition routine for the year. Although the team is no longer cheering on the sidelines, the ACHS dancers are starting to prepare for their upcoming 2015-2016 competition season.