Zombie Makeup Looks to Make People Scream This Halloween

Eat brains instead of candy this Halloween with this easy zombie makeup look.

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Zombie Makeup Looks to Make People Scream This Halloween

Halloween is coming up fast, and half the struggle of October is deciding on a halloween costume.There are so many amazing Halloween looks, but not everyone has great makeup skills to pull off intricate makeup looks. This zombie look is easy, cheap, and is sure to make people scream.

All products can be bought online, at drugstores, or at costume shops. Supplies needed:

  • Tissue paper/toilet paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Liquid latex (If skin is sensitive use nose and scar wax or gelatin as alternatives)
  • Cosmetic sponges
  • Coffee grounds and/or oatmeal
  • Variety of creme makeup colors
  • Brown, red, and purple eyeshadows
  • Variety of makeup brushes
  • Fake blood

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of liquid latex with a sponge to selected area. While working with liquid latex, be sure to avoid eyes and hair, and be careful to not get it on clothing because it will not come off. Liquid latex can be rough on sensitive skin, so be sure to test it by applying a thin layer of latex on the inside of the wrist first. If after ten minutes there is no rash or skin redness, apply the latex.

Step 2: Add two strips of cotton on the latex, and using a sponge, saturate the cotton with more liquid latex. After latex has dried, repeat this step until the desired look is achieved. Add wounds and different textures to give the zombie persona some character.

makeup2Chloe Grass

Step 3: To paint, any kind of makeup that is doable, but creme paints are usually a cheap go-to for good results. Start by applying a pale foundation color everywhere and set it with a powder of the similar color. Use cool brown, maroon and deep purple eyeshadows to hollow out the cheekbones, temples and eye sockets. This can also be done on the neck and chest depending on how much skin will be visible.

makeup3Chloe Grass

Step 4: Put red and deep brown creme paints in the center of the wounds or bites to create the illusion of depth.makeup4Chloe Grass

Step 5: Apply fake blood.

The cotton and latex build-up method can be used to create many different looks, not just wounds.  Be creative, make a unique makeup look to shock everyone this Halloween. “My favorite Halloween costume was when I was a cat in third grade. I had ears and a tail and I looked adorable,” said junior Kristen Taylor, when asked what her favorite halloween costume was.

makeup55Chloe Grass