Adam Lynn: Freshman Captures Varsity Glory

At five feet, three inches tall, and 105 pounds, freshman Adam Lynn might have some small feet, but pretty big shoes to fill. It’s every athlete’s dream to play varsity soccer freshman year, and for Lynn, its cloud nine.

“My biggest worry about making varsity as a freshman was that I would be one of the smallest ones, and that I wouldn’t be able to provide my team with what they need most,” said Lynn.

Lynn was the only freshman that made the boys Varsity soccer team this year.  His figure may be small, but his impact on the game is huge. The start of the season brought many firsts for this freshman. Starting in the Sequoit’s first game of the season, and his first game as a varsity athlete, Lynn found the back of the net from forty yards out, putting up his first career goal.

“Scoring my goal in the first game of the season has definitely been my biggest accomplishment yet,” said Lynn.

Lynn has been playing soccer since he was four years old. While most toddlers are finding trouble, Lynn was finding a soccer ball since a young age. The fall is dedicated to his high school season, Lynn is also loyal to his club team: FC Lake County.

“My club team compares in no way to that of my Antioch family. The boys are probably some of the most friendliest and hard-working guys that you will find,” said Lynn. “We all play for one reason, and one reason only… for each other.”

Success is not something that is given. It is earned through hours of work put forth with blood, sweat, and the occasional tear. Being a freshman on varsity means big responsibilities, working hard and working for your teammates.

“A typical day is putting on all my gear, stretching, then playing the sport I love for the next 2 hours, while leaving everything out there,” said Lynn.

For an athlete, your outcome is ultimately a result of the work you put in. For Lynn, everything is laid on the line. Not for him, but his teammates.