Antioch Falls After Battle with Grayslake Central

After a tough game versus Grayslake Central, the boys varsity soccer team falls short 3-1, but keep their heads up as they look to the rest of the season.

Tyler Cook

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January 28, 2022

This past Tuesday, September 24, the boys varsity soccer team competed in a hard fought match against Grayslake Central. With a single goal from sophomore Remigijus Ivanovas 48 seconds in, the boys eventually fell short, losing the match 3-1. This brings the team’s record to 8-5.

After starting the season on a five game winning streak, the boys began to collapse on themselves as a three game losing streak soon followed. However, the boys heads have been held high, and this loss is only a small setback on the future path to success.

“As a whole, we really have to work on getting our passes to each other,” Ivanovas said. “I believe we have to work on playing as a team, and if things don’t go our way, we have to work even harder and capitalize on even more chances to get back in the game.”

With even tougher competition to come in upcoming weeks, the boys know they need to bounce back from this loss and keep their heads held high in order to make sure they stand a chance against the greater competition.

“There were some poor aspects of the game, such as our lack of possession or not winning the ball,” sophomore Evan Vazquez said. “To finish the season, we need to make sure we work harder and win our battles for the ball. If we can do that, I believe we can make it pretty far this year.”

Although the loss was tough on the boys, they are looking forward to getting back on the road to playoffs because they know they can get far.

“After the game last night, a lot of us were upset because we know we could have played better,” sophomore Victor Manke said. “Even with a loss, though, we all knew we needed to keep our heads up and look past the losses and towards the victories that will come.”

After a tough loss and the recent undulation of the team’s record, the boys hope to come back on a winning streak.