Blackhawks Off to a Great Preseason

The Blackhawks look forward to the regular season, but first they must battle it out in the preseason.

Steffanie Richardson

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Preseason is very important for all sports. With preseason, other teams get a sense of how good they are going to be. The Blackhawks have already played all six preseason games. Many people are excited for what the Blackhawks can bring to the table and are prepared for another successful season and hopefully another deep playoff run.

“I think that the Blackhawks are going to have an amazing year this year,” junior Megan Nielsen said. “Even though Shaw is gone, I still think that we are going to have an amazing year because we still have Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.”

There are a lot of students that play hockey that look up to many of the players on the Blackhawks team. The Blackhawks are a very efficient team and they work very well together on the ice. In hockey, the team has to be cohesive when skating around; if they are not, the team will not play well.

“I am very excited for the season to start up because me and my dad have this tradition where if there is a Hawks game on Thursdays, we always watch it together,” junior Emma Vanderwall said.

The Blackhawks played a game in their preseason against the Detroit Red Wings. The Hawks came out with a huge win with a score of 6-0. The Blackhawks had the advantage with having the game be on their home ice.

The Blackhawks’ first regular season game is against the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday, October 12.