Denim: America’s Staple Fashion Trend

Denim is becoming a popular addition for every outfit, is being worn in various styles.


photo by paige gruber

The iconic fashion trend absorbed by many in the 90’s is seen to become a part of the spring style scene of 2016. Making its way through jackets, overalls, dresses and jeans denim is a universally used clothing piece that has been recognized by all classes of style. The style that was once tagged as grungy and unappealing is coming back in various forms and is expanding its unique flare on everyday outfits of men and women.

The main scene of denim is in jeans: ripped and clean cut. Celebrities such as Sadie Robertson and Stella McCartney show off skater girl and grunge looks through these jeans.

Reminding us of the millennial generation, slouchy, wide leg and big jeans are being seen paired with zip up jackets and thick sweaters. These eccentric styles of denim may have seemed unattractive several years ago, but they are proving to embody comfort and individualism into the everyday outfits of the city and countryside.

In addition to the bulkiness of the incoming style, the once forgotten patterns linking these thick material pants are reappearing in various designs. Ranging from flowers to arrows, colorful graphics on jeans add individualism and a unique pop of colorful flare to any outfit.

Despite these forthcoming trends, the ever popular skinny and boot cut jeans will always have a firm grasp on the culture of young people today because of their form fitting comfort and body shaping looks offered.

“I like denim because it can be worn in lots of ways and basically matches with everything,” said junior Emma Miller.

The staple American product of jean pants and shorts are not the only use of denim advancing into the 2016 style. Denim collared shirts, employed in all different shades of blue, accompany various outfits and have become quite popular in pairings with statement necklaces and under sweaters during the fall and winter seasons. These comfortable and easily matched shirts have also been frequently worn with dresses, under skirts and even with jeans!

“Denim shirts are my favorite because they go well with every kind of outfit and are easily paired with jackets and cardigans,” said sophomore Danielle Bay.

Although styles change frequently every year, denim will always be a popular choice among all ages of people. With their easy pairings, comfort and unique style, any form of denim is a must in the closet of every American.