Five Ways to Stay Healthy and Energized

Living a healthy life is important to many.


Avery Krizanovic

For many athletes, maintaining a regular workout schedule outside of sports practice is essential for staying in proper shape.

Know When to Eat and Rehydrate 

Knowing what to eat is as important as knowing when to eat. According to Gatorade Sports Science Institute, eating two to four hours before an athletic event or practice would be the most ideal time to eat. Eating right before a game could cause an upset and queasy feeling in the stomach. Not eating at all or eating very little causes lack of energy and tiredness, making it very difficult to perform to the best of an athlete’s abilities. Water is the best way to rehydrate, after sweating to replenish the amount of water in your body after a long event. However a sports drink, such as Gatorade, will replace electrolytes and replenish them getting the athlete ready for your next game. 

“I like to drink gatorade during long tournament days,” sophomore Leighton Costello said, “It helps keep me going and feeling good during such an exhausting weekend.”

Calorie Intake

The amount of consumed calories needed varies. Every person is different and the amount of calories recommended for consumption depends on age, height, weight, and sport or activity level. According to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, an athlete’s calorie intake could be higher, around 500 to 1,000 more calories can be consumed. If an athlete is unsure about the recommended they can talk to a doctor to fully determine their daily calorie count.

Set Goals

Developing goals that make sense to a person’s specific desires is important for the most noticed growth. Making small individual goals that will be stepping stones to an ultimate goal. While others are working toward similar goals a way to improve one’s own goals is to ask for help. 

Work Out with a Friend 

According to Health News working out with a friend can help keep a person going and can help create a stronger bond. It can give a feeling of competitiveness and can get a person to push themselves harder. When working out with a friend they can encourage and make the workout a little more enjoyable. 

“When I run during track season I find it more enjoyable to run with a friend it helps to have somebody give you that little extra push to keep going,” sophomore Sophie Posey said.

Tackle the Treats 

According to Family Doctor getting rid of the unhealthy junk in your usual diet and replacing it with food that is good and healthy is important. It is hard to eliminate all junk foods but trying to stay on top of it is a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle.