Food Blog: Volleyball

Proper food is key to a volleyball players performance.

Food Blog: Volleyball

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Before an upcoming volleyball match, the Antioch Sequoits have small lunches provided by parents. These meals include sandwiches along with chips and a choice of water or Gatorade.

“Parents always give us food before our games,” junior Kristian Jimenez said. “The whole team loves the food and it gives us a lot of energy.” 

Everyone on the team enjoys the food the parents bring. The protein in sandwiches energies the players for their game; since there is not that much food to eat, players will not get a stomach ache during the game.

Another thing players do before a game is drink Gatorade.

“I like to drink a little bit of Gatorade before each game because it gives me energy,” junior Ryan Glassman said.

Gatorade has a lot of sugar in their drinks, all the sugar can give players a sugar rush and a lot of energy for their game.

Go watch the Sequoits at their next game, April 13, against Grant, at Grant.