Fuel Foods for Basketball Players

These foods help keep the players full and fueled throughout the game.

Ap Images

Ap Images

Most teams have their pregame routine they do before every game and some of the time it even involves a place to eat. JV sophomore Kevin Tebbe and his team often eat together before the game.

“A lot of our team will head out to Subway and get sandwiches because it is quick, easy and has plenty of options,” Tebbe said.

If they do not go to Subway, often times the team moms bring them sandwiches or pasta so that they can load and fuel up beforehand. JV sophomore Jack Gillespie likes the fact that these foods are energy packed.

“It helps give me the energy to play after school along with being light,” Gillespie said.

JV sophomore Benjamin Nauman tries a different approach, filling up on either pasta or steak and potatoes prior to the game.

“They are lighter on my stomach, healthy and fill me up,” Nauman said. “They are full of carbs and give me much needed energy.”

Every basketball player has their own  preference for pregame food, but they always make sure to fuel up on foods that will help them reach their full potential while competing for a victory.