Hurricane Matthew Decimates Haiti, Reaches For Southern States

Atlantic storm devoured Haiti, killing hundreds, continues to surge towards Southern United States.

Wind and water from Hurricane Matthew batter downtown St. Augustine, Florida on Friday, October 7, 2016.

AP: John Bazemore

Wind and water from Hurricane Matthew batter downtown St. Augustine, Florida on Friday, October 7, 2016.

Haitians are living without power as they awake from the most destructive tragedy of the last decade, which started on Wednesday, October 5 and continues to loom before them and now the southern tip of the United States.

According to NbcNews, Hurricane Matthew is being considered the worst humanitarian crises since the detrimental earthquake in 2010. With Haiti’s faulty infrastructure, mother nature has caused more pain for Haiti and their future as the death toll nears 900 this weekend.

Containing winds of 145 mph and roughly 40 inches of rain, Haiti was pounded by life threatening weather, leaving more repairs to be done in the following years and adding on to the damage of past earthquakes and tropical storms. The hurricane also shed destructive waves that added more force to Haiti than able to be handled in the 3rd world country. As typical civilian homes are made of mud and poorly created cinder blocks, the Haitian people will continue to have a difficult time rebuilding.

The pain and suffering is being felt by many in the country as they begin to rebuild their lives after yet another natural disaster. The 2010 earthquake played a large impact on Haiti’s infrastructure and now the reoccurrence of a destructive hurricane is bound to ruin the progress.

“Something more needs to be done for the families of the lost and affected,” Will Witbrod said. “More men need to be put on the field to support Haiti.”

Hurricane Matthew’s path moved into the Bahamas and towards the southeastern coast of the U.S., leading to both the announcements of state of emergency for Florida and North Carolina and the destruction of many vacation hot-spots. Although many started the evacuation process on Friday in order to save their families, some have refused, causing much chaos and confusion within the coastal areas of the country as flash floods and mudslides take over the streets of American soil.

“Hurricane Matthew will be devastating for the coasts of Florida,” Florida Governor Rick Scott said.

As the next few days roll in, more reports will be released regarding death tolls, estimated damage costs, and the overall end results of hurricane Matthew on the world. The category 3 storm has taken on our nation, stretching its floods through the Carolinas and raising the American death toll to 16. This unexpected natural disaster will make the following weeks, months and years tough for The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and America as these countries try to pull through the impacts of a catastrophic, tropical cyclone.